Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Custom bravo HBOOTs

Thanks to dzo on XDA, we now have custom HBOOTs for the Desire.

I have already made a couple of different sizes, which are available here, along with dzo's original custom Oxygen 100 /system hboot.

The caveats are:
  • I am not responsible for any brickings which take place as a result of you using those files.
  • Flashing HBOOT is a critical operation. If you mess up, or it messes up, or I have messed up, your phone will be bricked.
  • I haven't tested them, but I have compared the hexdump output to ensure they haven't become corrupted and checked the md5 multiple times before zipping. I also generated them on a computer with ECC RAM, which should rule out any corruption caused by bad RAM.
  • Unzip the file before attempting to flash it.
  • Always check the md5 of the hboot immediately before flashing. The md5's are located in the zip.
If anyone has sensible suggestions for HBOOT sizes which will be useful to the community as a whole and not just an individual preference (and that includes HTC sense 3.0 people who need a massive /system) then please comment below.


  1. Hi, it's *damo*, you posted on my thread earlier that you could make me a custom hboot and that I should post the sizes here, I'm not too sure on the sizes but its either 387 10 40 or 422 10 5, what I'm worried about with small data partition is we might get data loss even with d2ext, or at least that's been the case with mtd partitions...

  2. Ok, I've uploaded both of those sizes.
    They are *untested*, but I diffed the hexdump output with a known good hboot and it looked fine, so I don't expect any issues with them.

    I suspect you could reduce the cache size further actually, if I remember correctly, sense ROMs don't use it, but I might be wrong.

  3. hmmm... is possible to make a custom HBOOT like 100/40/297? To leave original size for Cache.
    I like to flash diferent radio without pc.

  4. 100/40/297 has been uploaded, it is untested, but the hexdump output looks fine.

  5. could you plze make an hboot with sizes 120/10/307?
    would be kind

    cheers pa

  6. ehhmm i could need this hboot size for other roms like miui.
    and others could also need that...