Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Issue reporting

If you want to report an issue, please consider the following firstly to avoid wasting your time or receiving an unhelpful response from me:
  1. Many issues which people think are kernel issues, aren't. Please ensure that it is a kernel issue. Soft reboots, GPS issues, radio/data issues and most battery drain instances are not the fault of the kernel.
  2. Hard reboots (panics), complete system hangs, devices not working (dsp, oj, wifi, etc) might be the fault of the kernel.
  3. Please reproduce the issue with the kernel set as default, that means no AVS and no overclocking.
  4. I only support my own official releases, so if you built it yourself or got it from a 3rd party, you are out of luck. Reproduce with one of my official releases before reporting it to me.
  5. Please send me the output of last_kmsg if it was a hard reboot, and kmsg/logcat in any other cases, with a full explanation on how to reproduce the issue including all relevant information, such as changes you have made to the ROM, mods you have flashed etc.
  6. Do not report any Oxygen/DevNull ROM issues direct to me, they will be deleted or be subject to a harsh rebuttal. Report them on the issue tracker.
If you are happy that you can provide me with the information I need, and that it is a kernel issue you are experiencing, then please contact me at thalamus.xda(at)gmail(dot)com

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