Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Kernel Release

I know this post is a little after the fact, but I released version of my bravo GSM/CDMA/custom kernel a couple of days ago.

It is available here.
GPL source is available here.

Most people will want the main kernel in that directory.
If you want extras such as call recording, obscure filesystem support, swap, etc, then you will want the one in the custom folder.
If you have a CDMA device, you will want the one in the bravoc folder.

Changelog is here, but more detail is below.

Some improvements were received from Martin Johnston (dzo on XDA).
They were:
  • A fix for the light sensor, the level 1 value was being scaled to 0 during the boot time calibration in some cases rendering it useless. This change stops it being scaled to zero, so the 160 lux level should work on all devices now.
  • Some code was added to dump the last entries of the radio log if the radio crashes, as we have been seeing quite a few radio crashes recently for whatever reason.
  • A fix for the AVS implementation which was causing an issue where the ondemand cpufreq governor was being stuck at 245 MHz on random occasions when AVS was enabled at boot.
My changes for this release were:
  • Fixed an Oops (resulting in a panic and hard reboot) in the AVS implementation which would be triggered if you attempted to disable the AVS via sysfs if it was already disabled. The reason for the oops was that we weren't checking for the existence of the work queue before attempting to destroy it.
  • Full rebase against mainline 2.6.35.y git repo. This rebase had the side effect of fixing a scheduler logic error which had crept in via the incremental patches, which had been fixed in the Android tree and again in mainline a few releases later. I also rebased out some of the code which I don't use anymore, such as BFS/BFQ, etc.
  • Cherry-picked commits from mainline to fix which had crept into Users have reported much better interactivity and smoothness following this change.
If you have any issues with this kernel, please see this for reporting instructions.

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