Sunday, 3 July 2011

Custom HBOOTS…update…

I have decided to release a win32 console app which allows you to generate your own hboots.

This console app is based on dzo’s code which patches the correct locations of the hboot in order to change the MTD partition table. I take no credit for figuring out the patching part of this app.

The features of this app are:

  • Custom partition selection and several checks to stop you trying to do something silly.
  • Ability to label the hboot (max 9 characters), it shows as AlphaRev <label> when you boot to the bootloader.
  • It patches the latest AlphaRev hboot (6.93.1002).

The limitations of this app are:

  • No checksum check of the source hboot, you have to do that yourself
  • No way of being sure that the patched hboot isn’t corrupt, it does a basic file size check, but that is all.

The caveats are:

  • If this app produces a corrupt hboot and you flash it, your phone IS bricked, and that really isn’t my fault, as ample warnings have been given and as far as I know the app works correctly
  • Reasons for corrupt hboots could be bad RAM, filesystem corruption, or maybe a bug in the app…
  • If you really want to check to make sure your computer is generating good hboots, check the hexdump output and compare it with a known good one. For example, generate one with 100 MB system, 5 MB cache, then dump the hex and compare with the Oxygen r2 hboot from, they should be identical apart from the label

Just double click hboot_patcher.exe or run it in a console window and read and follow the instructions. If you do something silly, it will tell you off and abort.

I do assume that you know what you are doing, so don’t forget to do fastboot reboot-bootloader and fastboot erase cache before attempting to boot to recovery to restore your ROM. :)

It also runs successfully under WINE.

Again, if you are scared about possibly bricking, then don’t use this tool. :P

It is available here.


- Will