Thursday, 19 July 2012

Test Nexus S kernel release 3.0.37-18 & IDLE2 v0.130

New test release today, following on from yesterdays IDLE2 release.

This release contains a bugfix for bluetooth audio streaming, which was broken when IDLE2 was entered.

The fix simply checks to see if the GPIO_BT_HOST_WAKE is high and if it is, it puts the SoC into TOP ON DEEP-IDLE mode instead of TOP OFF DEEP-IDLE mode.

Simply enabling bluetooth will not make you go into TOP ON mode. The bluetooth has to be active and doing something, such as streaming or otherwise communicating with another device.

The only other small change in IDLE2 v0.130 is the argument to s5p_set_idle2_lock() was changed from an int to a bool.

New kernel available here, IDLE2 patches available on my github.


  1. Still see noticeable battery drain, about 1% per half hour. APP issue can be excluded, because I'va not install new APP for a long time.
    Other than that, very smooth and stable.

    1. Updated. The battery drain issue gone immediately after I switched back to 14 stable version. So what's the IDLE2 aim for? If it cost more battery, it's meaningless.

    2. Oh, thanks for the work by the way, yeah, you are welcome, don't worry about it.

      There is no need for the attitude.

      It had a bug, which has been resolved, bugs happen with new stuff, hence the name *test* in the title.

  2. Splendid work Thalamus! Also, noobs should be banned from leaving comments - created an account just to say this.

  3. this one works for nexus s i9023..thank you very much god thalamus..sweet work