Thursday, 26 July 2012

Test Nexus S kernel release 3.0.38-23 (ICS & JB) – IDLE2 v0.210

So, another test release.

Short changelog this time, the main improvement is IDLE2 v0.210 which implements the DEEP-IDLE TOP ON state for use when bluetooth or GPS is active. This should hopefully bring some power savings in those situations, but your mileage may vary.

I also implemented a load of micro-optimisations of variables and functions in the idle2 code to hopefully speed up the hot paths even more and make them cheaper.


  • Interactive governor boost enabled and set as default
  • IDLE2 v0.210
  • Version provided for i9023 users which contains the patch from codeworkx which should fix the CRT off animation


Update: Please use –24 instead, –23 has been removed due to a bug which is fixed in –24 which is available here.

I will write a blog post shortly detailing the bug and changes in –24.


  1. I'm on an o9023, installed your i9023 kernel and my phone has become slower a bit, and I will revert back to 38-22 for the following reason: My screen won't wake up from time to time. Yesterday I installed the kernel, today I had to pull the battery 5 times, because the screen wouldn't wake up after pressing the on-button. Funny thing is, phone is working fine, because during that screen break, I've been listening to music over the speakers and apart from not turning the screen on, music kept on playing. Maybe something wrong with idle2?

  2. Yeah, there was a race condition which is fixed in the latest version. Check the updated section of this post.