Saturday, 28 July 2012

Test Nexus S kernel release 3.0.38-25 (ICS & JB) – IDLE2 v0.212

Quick post, bugfix update:

  • Fixed issue in IDLE2 causing ANR in systemui and subsequent soft reboot when turning screen on after being in call or playing music.
  • Fixed issue where some users with a specific AMOLED panel would get a yellow / green tint.

3.0.38-25 kernel releases for ICS, JB, JB-i9023 & JellyBelly available from here.


  1. what test version should we flash? I noticed that test 7 is the highest test number but test 4 was the latest to be modified.

  2. I would assume the highest version number is the one he would want us to test. Once he releases another version number than we test that one, etc etc...