Saturday, 4 August 2012

Stable Nexus S kernel release 3.0.39-27 (ICS & JB)

So, finally another stable release. This is the first stable release for JB and will be the final release for ICS.

As per usual, my releases aren’t about pointless features. They concentrate on stability and performance.

The most interesting thing about this release is the memory management performance backports which were merged into 3.0.39.

Changelog compared to 3.0.36-14:

  • For ICS, base as is per 3.0.36-14. For JB, base is AOSP 3.0.31 merged up to 3.0.39 from mainline.
  • Various other compiler warnings have been fixed
  • Interactive governor with interactivity boost now in use instead of ondemand as it provides a smoother user experience on JellyBean and apparently also on ICS.
  • Fixed a NULL pointer dereference in the i2c code which was causing occasional kernel panics for some users.


  • Deadline I/O scheduler adjusted for flash for lowest I/O latencies
  • Config: As stock AOSP with the following modifications: Deadline I/O scheduler, Interactive CPU governor, Tiny Preempt RCU, Voodoo sound, cifs, utf8
  • Wifi PM_FAST for bcm4329 (ICS) and bcmdhd (JB)

Features not implemented for this release:

  • IDLE2 – although the code / implementation is stable, there are some issues with the actual powersaving which is being attained, or not, as the case may be due to a bug which I haven’t found yet. Bricking my Nexus S didn’t help with that either, so IDLE2 development is paused until I get by Nexus S back from repair

ICS, JB and i9023 version available here.


  1. What should i install? JB or I9023 version? I have nexus s with stock JB.

    1. I tried the JB and it worked. Thanks.

  2. I am sorry about the "ones" who rip you off without proper credit where it is definitely due. I may only be a simple modder, but I understand the need for a pure reflection and admiration to where all the "magic" comes from. I only work on my own nexus s and don't broadcast my slight alterations across the web/nor do I claim others code as my own.. I am saddened by the fact that you are leaving this, as I use your kernel and love it... I was hoping to get a working copy so I could mod my wifes phone, as I seem not to be able to extract the one out of my phone properly and can't find the file on my computer nor online...

    1. I imagine it will be in amongst this zip:

      That's all the files from the server.