Saturday, 10 November 2012

Goodbye XDA, Goodbye Android development

So today I finally requested my XDA account be deleted after toying with the idea for some weeks, although they didn't comply with my request to have everything deleted, posts, threads etc, so I have taken that up with them and will continue until it has all been deleted.

The non-contributing morons who comment from the sidelines have finally got what they wanted, but I feel very good about my decision to leave.
I don't want to be part of a community full of fakes, liars and idiots who contribute nothing who think they can criticise someone who has spent countless hours doing various stuff for the community.

I know I said I was scaling back in the last post I made, but this time, I'm finishing completely. I've utterly lost interest in Android kernel development and pretty much in the entire Android platform.

I don't see the point in spending hundreds of hours on something to be told that I haven't done anything for the community by some prick hiding behind a computer screen who has done *nothing* for the community as far as I can tell.
Or another prick who implied that I had 'given up', as if I *must* carry on developing and releasing kernels without the option of stopping development on a frustratingly slow, laggy and obsolete device.
I'm sorry, but with all due respect you people have a lot to learn about what you can and can't expect, mostly about what you can't expect. Stop demanding things of people who *give* their time, their life and their energy for free. It's unfair, cheeky and downright insulting.
Take a look at your own conduct first and foremost, then realise why I bite and come across as apparently 'arrogant and egotistical'.

Anyway, I have always believed that the bigger, better person knows when enough is enough and moves on to better things. It's pointless trying to change the unchangeable or fix what is utterly broken, it just makes you look foolish, and I am no fool.

Moving on is exactly what I am doing and I feel surprisingly good about it, like a rather large weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I'll be deleting all the uploaded binaries and making my public git repos private or deleting them either later today or tomorrow, so if you want anything, download or fork it now, because it'll be gone otherwise.
The reason why I am doing this is that there is not much point in leaving my binaries and source out there when it doesn't contribute anything to the community, and apparently never has. That would be foolish.

I would like to apologise to the people that have been supportive, have helped and haven't made unwelcome comments or criticisms from the sidelines. The thing is, I never really wanted to do public releases and the attention and demands caused me to completely burn out.

I started kernel development because I wasn't happy with what was on offer and wanted some changes.

I started projects like IDLE2 for something to do because I was off work sick with severe depression and had a ton of time on my hands and needed to occupy my brain, although I ended up heaping too much on myself. The moron that claimed that it was 'just' a port clearly hasn't looked at the code, or he doesn't understand it. It's about 10% port and 90% original after I rewrote it several times in the pursuit of perfection, so put that in your pipe and smoke it...

I didn't start it to be bitched at, demanded on, criticised for my alleged 'lack of contribution' or otherwise because I do that to myself anyway and don't need help there.

By the way, I've got a Galaxy Nexus for sale if anyone wants one.



  1. Hey Will, i 've been using your kernels since forever and i just feel like saying thanks for all the work you ever did. Most people don't know when to quit and it's nice to see that you have a plan for yourself.


  2. Thank you for all your efforts, your supreme kernels and your allround knowledge around the platform.
    And good luck with your new phone, would gladly like to hear your opinion about the WP platform. I think Microsoft really has something great there.

    1. I've always liked Windows Phone, and it always deserved to take off but never has.

      It's a lot more intuitive than Android ever has been or ever will be and it's a lot nicer and smoother to use.

      Even with quad core processors with stupidly powerful GPUs, Android cannot match the smoothness of WP7 running on a Snapdragon S1. It's all very odd.

  3. Been using your 4.1.2 kernel for a while, like all the others... no problems.

    Thanks for the work, the help, and the lulz.

    I'll still follow you on Twitter just in case you give shit to Windows Phone devs. ;)

  4. I just want to say thanks too, used Oxygen on my Desire and used your kernels on my Nexus S until I got my Galaxy Nexus.

    Good luck with everything.

  5. Thanks for all you hard work and dedication. I used your kernels on my phone religiously. They delivered the best experience in battery life and smoothness.

  6. Just want to add all my thanks for your hard work and efforts. I fully understand your reasoning I never had problems with any of your excellent kernels and your replies to folks who wouldn't do the basics to help themselves deserved the ridicule you rightly gave them!
    All the best... Mmm Nexus eh? Nah....!


    I knew you never cared for anyone but yourself, and all you wanted is some attention.
    "Look at him doesn't wanna come to xda and uses oxygen site with shity fluxbb cms"

    No seriously I loved your clean kernels and in fact here is an old ss i posted on beginning of the post (it didn't let me paste anywhere but on top).

    Never does my battery last that long anymore tops 1 day.
    I seriously think downgrading to 2.3.7, as when I open up more apps, my Nexus S gets so slow,wbut ould have changed it myself longtime ago if I got money.

    Thanks for your clean builds and everything you contributed :).

    1. Thanks and you are welcome. And yeah, I didn't want to release on XDA or get involved over there because I knew what tossbags the trolls on there were having experienced them previously before when we moved to, but I went back anyway.
      The Oxygen forums were good, I rarely had to shout at anyone. ;)

      And yeah, the Nexus S struggled with ICS and JB. ICS was laggy and slow and JB faster but because it is so bloated there isn't enough RAM available to run more than a couple of apps. The thing was always underpowered right from the word go.

  8. Thanks for all the work and effort you put in real development. I'm using your stuff in my Nexus S (latest kernel with stock 4.1.2), and gf's Desire (Oxygen, not sure what number) :). I purchased my Nexus S pretty late in September (it was cheap here in Croatia and i didn't have money for Galaxy Nexus, after seriously underpowered Huawei phone it was like fighter jet). I am very sorry to hear about you stop developing, but i respect it. It's like that stupid white whale chasing, and in the end you just get burned with all the work and seems like no one really cares.

    I also see what you're saying, xda-dev goes in completely wrong way with no order, no real contribution, just stupid name custom ROM's, they're always super-dooper 'smooth/est' and stupid unnecessary features. And yes, themes. Graphic theme is most important part of the ROM.

    Sorry for my lame ass English, have fun with anything you plan to do next in your life :)


  9. It's a shame you're leaving Android behind, I lived off your Oxygen roms on my Desire for two years. Good luck anyway, and any tips on where to find S3 vanilla Romsey outside xda?

  10. Sorry for beeing late :-) Of course I'm not happy for your decision, but anyone is free to change ... And of course it'll be an honour for me to have YOUR Gnex, let me know if you have it yet.

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  12. I'm a little later to read this. Still on my good old Desire with Oxygen and your kernel. I understand and respect your decision. xda-dev was nonsense since the time AdamG started the Oxygen thread.

    Whatever you're going to do in your life, do it because you enjoy it!

  13. Yeh bro I get what your saying, and to tell you the truth I am also sick of that whole xda, all the lies, manipulations and attacks, man, it is energy sapping, emotionally, physically and psychologically. Always, there is some little prick who pisses in a comment just to put someone down or make themselves look cool. So much for their rules and their so called mods, they basically are a bunch of bum chums who support their little buddies. Thanks for this comment of yours, man it is so true it gives me shivers. I was thinking about this today after being attacked out of the blue by some wanker as you would say, 'hiding behind a computer screen.' I wish I could reach through that screen and throttle him, the coward. You lasted long and did so much work, heck, props to you bro.

    The whole day I have been milling over what this angry dood said and it also made me realize, a successful person knows when it is time to move on. I have never before met so many fake wannabees, arse lickers in my life. Maybe that is why continents exist, to keep mankind from interacting too much. I don't know if it is just the modern communication methods or that some people really are that wicked and cruel, but judging from some of the responses above it seems to me XDA people are fundamentally retarded and attention seekers. There are some who do so much out of the good of their hearts and then get kicked in the teeth for it, such as yourself. I actually wish someone would take XDA to court for their numerous copyright infringements and the attitude with which they condone deviant behavior, so long as theya re benefiting from it. You have made my mind up, it is not that I am letting 'them' win, I have outgrown that shithole excuse for a development forum. And this whole, 'you win', 'I win', or I tell a moderator after I have baited you into loosing your temper, is a whole xda thing and so pathetic.

    Thanks bro for the good advice, you did the rite thing, screw those arseholes, they do not deserve gentlemen of your caliber.

  14. Awesome, just killed my XDA account, what a feeling of freedom, that cesspit of two faced cowards draws one in to a pit of filth. So happy now, thanks bro.

  15. As a new kernel dev, I have been reading about your hot plugging code and I stumbled upon this. I am obviously late to the table (by a lot), but I am really sorry for what the xda/android community did to you. From what I have found so far your code is brilliant, I am trying to merge it into my kernel. What you did for the community is phenomenal and the fact that they treated you so poorly was absolutely wrong.

    I am sad to see you go, but hope you are happier now that you don't have to deal with it!